Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Meftal Spas Side effects

Meftal Spas Side effects
Meftal Spas tablets are an over the counter drug and are subject to side effects. It may cause no side effects on some patients and other may suffer from minor reactions. Consult your doctor if any of the side effects become bothersome or troublesome when using Meftal Spas tablets.

Common side effects
Common side effects of meftal spas tablets includes Change in vision, diarrhea, sweating problem, insomnia, unusual drowsiness, headache, loss of appetite, nervousness, uneasy feeling, vomiting and dry mouth.
These side effects of using the over the counter drug are generic and should disappear after 2-3 dosage of the drug. In case the side effect becomes bothersome stop using it and consult your nearest health care provider.

Severe side effects
If any of these side effects occur while using Meftal Spas tablets, stop using the over the counter medication and consult a nearby doctor. Ignoring these side effects could prove fatal.
Severe side effects includes joint pain, muscle pain, extreme constipation, blurred vision (unable to focus), blurred speech, problem in urinating, feeling of uneasiness, depression, hallucination, problem in moving around, dark tarry stool, fast and unusual heart beat, loss of memory, nasal congestion, dark colored vomiting, unusual tiredness, extreme allergic reaction (symptoms are hives, skin rashes, skin irritation, chest congestion, breathing problems, swelling around the mouth, tongue, throat or face).
Reports of decrease in lactation on administration of Meftal Spas tablets while breast-feeding have been reported in the past.

Meftal Spas pregnancy and breast feeding warnings
 Consult your doctor the benefits of using Meftal Spas tablets during pregnancy or breast-feeding. Use only if the benefits of using Meftal Spas tablets outweigh its risk.

These are not the complete list of possible side effects of using Meftal Spas tablets, in case of any queries regarding the side effects on Meftal Spas tablets; seek help of a professional medical health care provider.

Disclaimers- All the information on Meftal Spas tablets are for informational purpose only. They should only be used as reference and shouldn’t be substituted for any medical advice. I have made the best possible effort to gather correct data on the drug but can’t guarantee on my hard work.

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