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Sinecod Forte syrup dosage and side effects

Sinecod Forte syrup dosage and side effects
Active ingredient found in Sinecod Forte is Butamirate citrate and is an effective cough suppressant. Sinecod Syrup is widely used for fighting cough. AS with all medications, you may experience side effects, take medical help if any of the side effects become bothersome.

Sinecod Dosage
Strictly follow the instructions of your doctor or use it as instructed on the label. Active ingredient found in Sinecod Forte syrup is Butamirate citrate and overdose could lead to serious side effects.  Butamirate Citrate overdose symptoms include sleepiness, nausea, vomiting, constipation and hypertension. If any of these symptoms occur on administering Sinecod Syrup, consult your local physician immediately.

Indications (Uses)
Sinecod Syrup has a wide spread application and used for several purposes. It is commonly used as an effective cough suppressant.  Dry cough can be treated using Sinecod. Besides, Sinecod Syrup can be used for cough as a result of Bronchoscopy (a modus operandi used to observe the lungs). A long elastic tube is introduced via the nose all the way to the lungs.

Side effects of Sinecod Forte Syrup
All medications are subject to side effects, some may cause no effects and others may result in minor problems. Various side effects are linked to the usage of Sinecod Forte. Symptoms include headache, vomiting, constipation, diarrhea, stomach ache, loss of appetite and weakness. Vertigo a rare disease has been linked to the side effects of Sinecod Syrup (Butamirate Citrate) use. These are common side effects which disappear on continuous use if the cough suppressant, if any of these side effects becomes troublesome, seek advice from your health service provider.

Severe side effects
Severe allergic reactions (symptoms include hives, skin rashes, itching, skin irritation, troubled breathing, facial swelling, chest pain, chest congestion) have been reported in patients using Sinecod Syrup. In case of such complaints, stop using the medication immediately, and consult your doctor immediately.

Patients allergic to the active ingredient (Butamirate Citrate) present in Sinecod Forte should stay away from the cough suppressant.  Patients using other drug for blood pressure control or diabetes control should consult their doctor before using Sinecod Syrup. Butamirate Citrate interacts with some drugs and cause severe side effects.
Don’t use the medications for children below three years of age and consult with your doctor before using Sinecod forte in case of pregnancy or breast-feeding.
Disclaimers- The article on Sinecod Forte Syrup is for informational purpose only.

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