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Bioflu Tablets- The Best Nasal Decongestant

Bioflu Tablets- The Best Nasal Decongestant 

Active ingredients- Phenylephrine HCl, Chlorphenamine maleate, and Paracetamol.

Phenylephrine HCL is a nasal decongestant, administered for treating and clearing nasal airway and air passages sinuses due to blockage making respiration easier. It also is administered for treating postnasal drip.
Chlorphenamine maleate is an anti allergic compound which alleviates the symptoms of allergy which includes clogged nose, sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes and itching.

Paracetamol is administered for reducing fever and relieving from pain.

Bioflu Tablet uses

Bioflu tablets are used for treating severe nasal congestion. Symptoms includes runny nose, clogged nose, itchy and watery eyes, postnasal drip, headaches, sneezing, body aches, fever linked to common cold, sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, flu and other trivial respiratory tract ailments.  Bioflu tablet also aids decongest sinus passage.

Bioflu tablets may be prescribed for other conditions not listed above.

Bioflu Dosage and administration

Children- Oral administration of one Bioflu tablet with an interval of 6 hours or as prescribed by your doctor.
Adults- Oral administration of one Bioflu tablet with an interval of 6 hours or as prescribed by your doctor.
Tips and warnings
·         Avoid Bioflu Tablets if you are allergic to any of the active ingredients present in the Nasal Decongestant.
·         Inform you doctor if you have any history of pre-existing conditions which includes high blood pressure, diabetes, heart diseases or any other ailments.
·         Consult your doctor if you have history of kidney problem, liver disease, anemia or other existing health conditions.
·         Consult with your doctor before administering Bioflu tablets in case of pregnancy or breastfeeding.
·         Avoid administering the Nasal Decongestant with other general anesthetics because of the possibility of reactions.
·         Bioflu Tablets may interact if administered along with other drugs; consult your doctor if you are already using medicines for other health conditions.

Bioflu Tablets side effects

OTC Nasal Decongestant is subject to side effects, some patients may suffer from no side effects and other may incur minor reactions.

Possible side effects of Bioflu Tablets includes headache, tremor, anxiety, insomnia, nervousness, high blood pressure, weakness, sleepiness, diarrhea, constipation, dryness of mouth, vomiting, nausea, blurred vision and chest congestion. Consult a doctor if any of the side effects become persistent or troublesome. 

In case of allergic reaction after administering Bioflu tablets, consult a doctor immediately. Symptoms include skin hives, allergy, irritation, difficulty in breathing, respiratory problem, swelling of the face, lips, mouth or throat. If any of these symptom occur, seek for immediate medical help.

These are not the complete details on the side effects of Bioflu tablets; consult your doctor for additional information.

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