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Decolgen Forte Tablets

Decolgen Forte Tablets

Active ingredients- chlorpheniramine maleate and Paracetamol .

Decolgen uses

Decolgen Forte is used for controlling and treatment of common cold, hay fever, flu, sinusitis and nasal congestion. It also is indicated to fights symptoms associated with common cold which include sneezing, cough, fever, headache and runny nose.

Decolgen tablets may also be administered for other purposes not listed above.

Dosage and administration

Uses as recommended by your doctor follow the instruction prescribed by your doctor or consult a pharmacist before using the drug.

Generally adults and children above 12 years age are recommended 2 tablets per day. Children between 7-12 years of age are suggested a single tablet of Decolgen forte per day. Using Decolgen tablets in infants is not advisable but you may use Decolgen syrup after consulting a doctor.

The drug can be used with or without food but taking it after your meal is advisable to avoid stomach irritation.

Precautions and warnings

·         Avoid Decolgen if you are allergic to any of its active ingredients. Consult with your doctor if you have suffered and history of adverse side effects associated to Decolgen Forte.

·         Patients suffering from coronary ailments, nephropathy, MAOIs, HTN and Hyperthyroidism are advised against using Decolgen tablets.

·         Inform your doctor of any prevailing health conditions. Special precautions should be taken if you are suffering from diabetes, heart disease, glaucoma, liver dysfunction, renal impairment, and high blood pressure. You may require conducting special tests or requiring dose modification depending on your health conditions.

·         Avoid driving, operating heavy machinery or works which requires high level of mental allertness just after using Decolgen tablets. Decolgen side effects include drowsiness and thus could prove fatal.

Decolgen during pregnancy

Consult with your doctor the risk and benefits of using Decolgen during pregnancy. Use the drug only if the benefits outweigh the risk to the fetus.

Decolgen during breastfeeding

Paracetamol may pass on to the nursing baby via breast milk and cause serious side effects. Consult with your doctor before using Decolgen Forte during breastfeeding.

Decolgen Side effects

Sleepiness, headaches, drowsiness, weakness, nausea vomiting, stomach ache, diarrhea, constipation skin rashes, and convulsion have been associated to the side effects of decolgen forte. In case any of these side effects occur and become bothersome, consult a doctor immediately.

These may not be the complete list of Decolgen side effects, for complete details consult a doctor.

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