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Duphalac (Lactulose) syrup

Duphalac (Lactulose) syrup

Active ingredients- Lactulose

Duphalac solution belongs to the group of medication called an osmotic laxative and consists of the active ingredients lactulose. It is used for decreasing disorders linked with liver disease (hepatic encephalopathy) besides being used commonly for treating constipation.

As for curing constipation Duphalac syrup works by amplifying the water content and quantity of bowel discharge, by making them effortless and softer to pass. Lactulose, the active ingredient present in Duphalac solution, comprises of sugar molecules and is metabolized by the bacteria present in the lower half of the gut. Consequently the elements of the gut turn more acidic, hence decreasing the absorption of ammonia. The existence of the chemical ammonia in the guts results in increased water content in the lower bowel. This boosts the presence of water in the stools, softening them and making it easier to discharge, thereby alleviating constipation. It can take anywhere between 24 hours to 48 hrs for Duphalac (Lactulose) solution to take effect.

For treating hepatic encephalopathy Duphalac (Lactulose) again works by decreasing the absorption of the chemical ammonia from the gut. Generally the liver metabolizes ammonia, but in liver disorders such as cirrhosis the blood may evade the liver, permitting this toxic chemical to reach the brain. Such circumstances can cause confusions; impair brain functions, drowsiness and eventually causing coma. Duphalac syrup prevents such problems by acidifying the contents of the gut.

Duphalac (Lactulose) uses
·         Treating constipation;
·         Decreasing disorders linked with liver disease (hepatic encephalopathy).

Duphalac (Lactulose) side effects
Formation of excessive gas in the intestine and the stomach, stomach ache, abdominal cramps and diarrhea are some of the common side effects associated with Duphalac. Just that the side effects are mentioned here doesn’t mean everyone administering the medication will suffer from it. In case any such side effects occur and become troublesome, avoid using the drug and consult a doctor.

These may not be the complete compilation of possible Duphalac (Lactulose) side effects. For further queries consult your doctor.

Precautions and warnings

·         Avoid in patients sensitive to lactose in their diet.

·         Patients suffering from obstruction in their interesting shouldn’t use Duphalac solution.

·         Galactosaemia patients (individuals suffering from the inability to break down galactose in their diet).

Patients hypersensitive to any of its active ingredients should avoid Duphalac (Lactulose) solution altogether.

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