Sunday, 11 September 2011

Safi Blood Purifier Syrup- herbal blood purifier

Safi Blood Purifier Syrup- herbal blood purifier

Acne, boils, skin blemishes, rashes, etc are all the result of skin impurities in blood.  Using acne products only provides ephemeral relief but to get rid of it permanently you need to sort it out internally. Blood purifier syrup could help you in fighting the problem and give you a natural soft and supple skin.

Safi blood purifier is one herbal blood purifier which is made up of 30 vital herbs and blood purifying agents which purifies the blood impurities and gives you a bright, healthy and problem free skin. It is an herbal blood purifier with no side effects (accept the horrible taste).

Health benefits of Safi blood purifier
Acne vulgaris, skin blemishes, boils, skin allergy, etc are some of the many skin diseases regular use of Safi blood purifier syrup can aid in. Children can avoid measles and skin problems if they administer a teaspoon of Safi blood purifier, diluted with a glass of water at bedtime. Yes, it tastes horrible but a tablespoon of Safi with a glass of water early in the morning can do wonders to your health. Not just does it addresses skin problems but improves the entire immune system. Constipation, nose bleeding and digestive problems are some other ailments which regular use of Safi blood purifier syrup can treat.

Safi helps lose weight
Finding it difficult to lose weight, try Safi! Safi blood purifier syrup works wonder for all those trying to lose weight.  It aids in controlling weight via dieresis.  Use Safi blood purifier syrup twice a day- once early in the morning and in the evening before bedtime and feel the difference.  For weight loss just taking Safi blood purifier syrup isn’t enough, you also need to check your diet and if possible work out for few hours for better results.

Avoid eating oily and high calorie foods while using the herbal blood purifier.

Side effects of Safi blood purifier syrup
Basically I have used the herbal blood purifier for plenty of years and haven’t suffered from any side effects. Recently there has been report of high arsenic content which has adverse effects on the body but the situation can be controlled by diluting Safi blood purifier syrup in water.

P.s- Safi blood purifier syrup tastes horrible, so you need some extra courage to administer it early in the morning.

Safi blood purifier syrup is a herbal medicine which take some time for it to start working, it takes approximately a month and half before any result is evident.


  1. can i order the safi blood purifier syrup for weight loss online??
    how much will it be?

  2. @ Bengaltigress Safi blood purifier is available online and in various size. A small 100ml bottle should be priced about a dollar or less.

  3. Hello,
    my age is 23 (male).
    how much amount of dose i must take daily?
    for example: 1 or 2 teaspoon? in morning (empty stomach) or at night? direct or mixed with water or something (as i heard it contains arsenic content).

  4. @amey a tablespoon of Safi blood purifier early in the morning is recommended

  5. only 20 days we want to use safi blood purifier or our wish

  6. how many bottle i ned to drink to remove acin completely

  7. Does safi helps in reducing nicotine from body