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What is Sorbitol Solution (Sorbiline)?

What is Sorbitol Solution (Sorbiline)?

Active ingredients- Sorbitol Solution and TR1 Choline Citrate

Sorbitol Solution (Sorbiline) uses

Sorbitol Solution (Sorbiline) is administered for treating sporadic constipation, gallbladder atonia, hepatic disorders, numerous range of dyspepsia and various types of migraine. It may also be used for other disease as suggested by your doctor.

Sorbitol Solution belongs to the class of hyperosmotic laxative, which functions by holding fluid in the colon, thus aids in boost of muscular activities in the intestine. Together with Choline, Sorbitol Solution (brand name Sorbiline) is used for treating hepatic disorders.

Choline, a very powerful lipotropic agent, is widely used to fight liver parenchyma fat degeneration, the main cause for cirrhosis. Owing to its parasympathomimetic activities, Choline boosts the amount of glandular secretions, particularly biliary, hence combating digestive disorders resulting from hepatic deficiency. Sorbitol solution boosts the glycogen production in the liver.

Precautions and warnings

·         Avoid Sorbiline if you are allergic to any of its active ingredients. Inform your doctor if you have suffered from any allergic reaction to Sorbitol Solution or any other active ingredients present in Sorbiline in the past.

·         Inform your doctor if you are hypersensitive to any other drugs or other stuffs.

·         Let your doctor know if you are using any other herbal supplements, prescribed medications, OTC drugs or dietary supplement.

·         Consult with your doctor if you suffer from diabetes or acid base imbalance.

·         Discuss with your doctor in case you are suffering from stomach pain, rectal pain, nausea, sickness or vomiting.

·         Tell your doctor in case you are pregnant, planning to get pregnant or breast-feeding.

Sorbiline (Sorbitol Solution) side effects

Anal irritation, gas, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting and stomach cramps are some common side effects associated to Sorbiline. Consult a doctor in case any such adverse reactions occur and cause troubles. 

Severe side effects

Acute Hypersensitivity, (symptoms include itching, severe rashes, hives, shortness in breathing, chest congestion, swelling of the tongue, lips, face or mouth), long-term constipation, rectal bleeding, dizziness, abnormal weight gain, vomiting, abnormal swelling an weakness.
Seek for immediate medical help right away in case any of these severe side effects occur.

These may not be the complete list of all side effects linked to Sorbiline, for additional queries consult a doctor.

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